College 101: How to Pledge Peacefully

College 101

Step #- 2 Do Your Research: Once you decide on the type of org you want, it’s time to do some research. Within the NPHC, for example, there are four sororities—Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho. Perhaps you are a legacy or know friends who are members, or maybe you know nothing at all. Either way, finding out as much about the organization before you attempt to join is KEY.

Step #3 – Meet-n-Greet: Even if you think you know which org you want to be a part of, meet the members of EVERY organization anyway. Attend informationals, kick it nights, and chapter-sponsored events to see how they interact with each other and non-Greeks. Many times, the stereotypes about organization are just that. The members of the chapter will dictate not only if you’ll be able to join, but how much you’ll enjoy your undergraduate experience. If you’ve always wanted to be a member of a certain sorority, but hate the members on your campus, you might want to rethink your choice. Give all organization a look, and then decide where you think you might best fit in.

Step #4 – Get Involved: Once you have narrowed down your choices to one or two sororities, get involved. Sororities on your campus will most likely have monthly or weekly community service projects, so sign up and get to work. One of the best ways to learn more about the organization, its members, and they work they do is to participate. Also, getting involved in community service projects with the organization not only gives back to others, but it allows the chapter members to see you in action.

Step #5 – State Your Interest: After you’ve done your research, gotten to know the members of the chapter and participated in community service, the last step to attempting to join is to clearly state your interest. If you’re invited to a private informational meeting or tea—go. If a chapter member asks where your interests lie, be clear and tell them. When trying to join an organization, there is no need to be shy or beat around the bush. Be clear about your intentions, be sincere about your reasons, and go for what you want. In the end, you just might get it.

Joining a sorority can be a little daunting, but as long as you do your research, get to know the members of the sorority, state your interest and give and command respect you’ll be just fine. Who knows, by following a few simple steps, maybe this time next year you’ll be sporting your fierce crossing jacket and gearing up to set out your first step show.