Considering Plan B? What To Do When The Condom Breaks

As you and your significant other grow closer, the option may present itself to take the relationship to the next level–sex. Whether or not the final decision is to walk that path, you’re sure to weigh your options. In pre-sex preparation, you’ve taken all the precautions before a bedroom romp with your boo. However, you find yourself at the nearest pharmacy seeking the remedy for The Condom Broke syndrome. Pop this pill and your Teen Mom fears will be over, right?

We’ve all heard about it and even know the friend who survived it. Plan B is a popular emergency contraceptive taken to stop fertilization and ovulation after having unprotected sex. It’ll be 95% effective if taken 24 hours after intercourse and 89% effective if taken within the 72 hours. Sounds simple, but it comes with a lengthy amount of side effects.

Anything from heavier-than-usual menstrual cycles and fatigue to stomach pain and vomiting can occur. Oh, joy! And since it’s classified as a steroid, One Step disrupts the body’s natural process causing it to react in unusual ways. It’s an inevitable ance with danger for your body.

Marsha Ambrosius’ video, “Late Night, Early Mornings”, re-sparked an ongoing awareness of the dangers of having unprotected sex. As serious as strapping up before the main event is, knowing and understanding the options if you hit a snag is important too. But if Plan B becomes an option for you, beware because it’s far from magically perfect.

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