Could 3D Be Coming To A Designer Runway Near You?

First it was HD, and now everything seems to be in 3D, including New York Fashion Week runways.

According to the New York Times, designers are turning to 3D to lure spectators into their shows. Norma Kamali is one of those designers whose upcoming Fashion Week presentation will show three-dimensionally. Kamali said 3D makes the experience better for everyone, including those watching at home.

“Video is more descriptive, more entertaining and, really, the most detailed way to present a collection,” said Kamali.

To prepare for her show she did her homework by creating a movie and three-dimensional lookbook.

“You can show clothing with more depth,” Kamali explained. “This technology is not just going to be for games or entertainment. I think our industry will probably be able to use this more than most others.”

What say you Vixens? Has technology finally gone too far?

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