Could Basketball Wives Survive Without the Drama?

If you tuned into Basketball Wives: LA last night then you witnessed the continuation of the rooftop fight between some of the ladies. With this only being episode two of the series, the show seems to be falling right in line with its Miami counterpart, bringing lots of onscreen drama. The bickering and immature antics that we have all come to expect from our reality shows seem to be the norm nowadays. On any given day it only takes a few flicks of the remote to catch a show that features arguing, drink throwing and fists in the air.

Apparently, there is something about watching others’ drama unfold on television that makes our lives look a little more picturesque. Maybe it is the thrill of seeing what will happen next, or it could be our natural voyeuristic instincts. Whatever it may be, it has made television producers very wealthy.  Yet, it leaves some to wonder if shows like Basketball Wives could survive without the drama tactics.

Prior to the premier of it’s LA counterpart, Basketball Wives creator Shaunie O’Neal, was quoted saying that she was embarrassed by what the show had become. O’Neal stated, “When I started the show, I really just wanted to follow this group of ladies around. We all have a common bond; we understand each other’s lives. It started as that. Since then, it’s taken on a life of its own, I never imagined it would be a group of ladies fighting and arguing that way that they do. That was never part of the plan.”