Could Basketball Wives Survive Without the Drama?

Shaunie had the right idea, but it clearly didn’t take much convincing as the executive producer to take advantage of all that tension that was overflowing on the show. It seems that reality TV goes two ways, it can either be dramatic and downright sinful in content or it documents tragedies, heartbreaks and life lessons. Anything in-between is a snooze fest. Sad to say, but definitely true. I find it hard to believe that 3.5 million people would be interested in a reality show based on a group of girls, that share a common bond and have chit-chats while doing charity work. For all of that, they can go out with their own friends or watch The View (which enlists its own set of drama, but that is for another day).

If you strip away the punches, face slaps and spewing of expletives from reality shows, there wouldn’t be much left to watch. Simply put, Basketball Wives could not survive without its drama. Besides, it’s a little too late for Basketball Wives to try and turn over a new leaf now.

If in fact there is nothing else that can hold our attention as a pop culture-consuming mass, then that says a lot more about us then it does about the people exploiting our interests.  -Leonisa Johnson