Date Like a Seasoned Pro This Football Season

We gave you basics of cuffing season, but here’s the real 411 on getting the proper R-E-S-P-E-C-T you deserve! It’s always okay to play by the rules, but the dating rules are situational. If the attention is lacking, demand your TLC. If he’s a lame, dead the issue and move along. You want a quarterback for the cold months, not some fly-by-night kicker. So, no sitting on the sidelines this year, Vixens! Snatch up the shorty of your choice and get in the game!

Stop accepting his last-minute plans: If you’re always getting texts the night before a date, you’re doing something wrong. You are not a last-minute type of lady, so stop allowing him to use you as a back-up plan. If you want to be taken more seriously, start politely declining his invites. Trust us, it’s not as backwards as it sounds. Tell him you’re busy! You’re going to dinner with your girls, you have an assignment for work due, whatever. If you keep flaking on him, one of two things will happen: A) He’ll start planning dates a few days in advance, or B) He’ll stop asking you out which is ultimately his loss. Either way, you win. #Touchdown.

Stop letting him know your every move: You know the type: He never calls just to see how you’re doing but is always blowing your phone up asking “Where u at?” or “Whatchu doin?” He’s not asking because he wants to come snuggle with you and watch Love Jones; he’s nosy! He’s trying to keep tabs on you without getting too involved, and you’re allowing him to! That or he wants to make sure he doesn’t run the risk of bumping into you while he’s out running the town with some other woman. Girllll, if you don’t ignore those texts!

Stop sitting by the phone: There is nothing worse than sitting in the house, bored out of your mind, wondering what he’s doing. You will drive yourself crazy! Nobody likes a dull girl. Make plans with your friends, join a cooking class, start reading that book you’ve been putting off, or, my personal favorite, start working out! Do something that doesn’t involve laying around waiting for your phone to ring. The bonus behind this is that the next time he asks what you’ve been up to lately, you’ll have something more interesting to say than “I’ve just been chillin.”