Date Like a Seasoned Pro This Football Season

Stop telling your friends all your business: Now there are two main reasons to keep your mouth- running to a minimum. One of the laws of the land since the beginning of time is “Don’t talk about your man around other women!” As sad as it sounds, bragging about how good your dude is and how yummy he looks with his shirt off is the quickest way to spark curiousity in the mind of one of your lonely “homegirls.” Stop setting your boo up for those sticky situations.

The second, most overlooked reason not to tell your friends everything that goes on in your relationship is that real friends are fiercely loyal. That may sound like a good thing, but imagine this: You and your man just had a big fight. You immediately lock yourself in the bathroom, conference call your crew, and give them a teary blow-by-blow of the beef. Several “Whaaat girl??” “No he didn’t!” and “Hmph!”-s later, and you finally hang up with your friends. Shortly afterward, he apologizes, you apologize and everything is peachy again. But when you bring your love muffin along to your best girlfriend’s Super Bowl party, she’s rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth at him all night. And this uncomfortable situation is all your fault! Your man apologized to you, so you forgave him. He did NOT apologize to your friends, and they’re holding a grudge because, well, they’re your fiercely loyal friends. Chips and dip can’t solve everything.

Stop being jealous of other women: If I see “jealousy is a female trait,” tweeted across my timeline one more time, I’m unfollowing EVERYBODY! Jealousy is not a “female” trait, it’s an unhealthy trait that people have just accepted. It’s not okay, nor is it of any use to be jealous.Stop rolling your eyes at every pretty girl that switches by while you’re out with the guy you like. Stop snarling “Who was THAT?!” after every smile, wave or hug he shares with a female. Smile, be pleasant and introduce yourself. It will make him feel much more comfortable around you. Sidebar: Ladies, when you see a girl with a luscious weave/fro/Dominican blow out and a pair of killer heels, stop turning your nose up. If you think she looks pretty in her fall threads, tell her! Sheesh! #Imdone.