Dear Snooki, Where Do We Start?

Dear Snooki,

Please stop Snooking for love in the wrong places.

Watching last night’s episode of Jersey Shore was painful. How could such a vibrant little meatball be reduced to a pathetic, begging, crying baby? You should have more pride in yourself than that. We’re not judging but we are concerned and were definitely disturbed.

We know that by the time you read this (if you ever do) you will have (hopefully) moved way past the Gianni drama and found someone who will truly let you be who you are and love you unconditionally. If that person isn’t Mike “The Situation,” who despite his douchy ways, actually does seem like a good match for you, hopefully you will find him (even if it takes you doing a spinoff reality show to do so).

Anyway, we love you the way you are.