Diddy, Jimmy Iovine Publish Book About Butts

Diddy and Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine have teamed up with photographer Rafael Mazzucco to published a book about women’s butts called Culo by Mazzucco. (Culo is the Italian and Spanish word for ass).

It’s a coffee table book that to several booty enthusiasts, is 240 pages of the good stuff. However, some people feel that it objectifies women.

“I wrestled for weeks with ideas about how to tackle this concept… I have relished every brush stroke, every hypnotic flash in which I reach deep down into my gut and pull out a glimpse of the world as only I see it,” says Mazzucco, who describes the book as a labor of passion.

Contrary to those who say nay to the book, Jimmy Iovine says it’s an attempt to represent the label’s attempt at diversifying. “We at Interscope put projects out with anyone we believe has a great idea and is a true talent, whether it’s a musician, photographer, software developer, or technology innovator. Raphael fits perfectly into what we do. Interscope Records has always been a heat-seeking missile when it comes to shifts in popular culture, whether inciting them or reacting to them swiftly. The impetus for this book is a little of both.”

Um, ok.

We don’t know how a book about culo will diversify a label but could this possibly help women be more appreciative of their bodies? Or, do you feel that this is objectification too?

If you’re curious about the cover then head over to our good friend Google.