Diddy Praises Female Hind Parts With “Culo” Art Book

Diddy loves a woman’s bum so much that he’s crafted an entire coffee table book in appreciation of them. With the help of photographer Raphael Mazzucco and record exec Jimmy Iovine, the industry mogul has artistically cultivated “Culo,” a 248-page book of lady hindparts. For $65, any man can upgrade his home décor with an abundance of booty.

Talking about a tush isn’t apropos for all dinner parties, but Diddy has shown just how art, fashion and pop culture can transcend your usual coffee chatter. Who doesn’t know that being bootylicious is the new “it” physique? Disproportionate women everywhere are drooling over Nicki Minaj’s derriere and bending over for docs with bum-pumping shots.

Label head Jimmy understands this movement:

“Fashion needs fewer women who look like boys and more women with some ‘Boom Boom Pow.’”

Shapely is now trendy and has been for some time. (Remember J. Lo?) But while the unique concept and approach is refreshingly invigorating and a definite cash cow, are our asses truly the epicenter of our empowerment? Really…?

The book will be available November 22.