Director Says He’s Taking Teyana Taylor To Court For Coming At Him Like A ‘Spider Monkey’

And the beef between Teyana Taylor and Gangs Of Roses movie director, Jean Claude LaMarre, rages on. As reported last week, Teyana accused the director of physically attacking her after she insisted on leaving the set in order to tend to her tooth ache.

LaMarre, however, claims he was the victim and only acted out of self-defense. To prove his innocence, LaMarre put out a statement saying he has multiple witnesses he plans on using against Teyana in court. 

“Teyana Taylor has a history of violence. And after discussing it with my family, I decided to file the charges. We have statements from over twenty crew members who witnessed her charge and violently attacked me. LaMarre told Bossip. “I was going to leave it all alone because at the end of the day she’s only 20 years old, but the truth is this young lady has a real anger problem that needs to be dealt with. I had no choice but to file charges.” 

LaMarre’s side of the script goes like this: when Teyana complained of a sever toothache, she was asked to peace out. LaMarre says he yelled at her to leave when she unresponsive, and that’s when she allegedly ‘came at him like a spider monkey.’ LaMarre claims various members of production had to pull him off of her. Ss pulled off of him and restrained by members of the production crew. At that point, she reportedly broke free 

“That is when she began to kick camera equipment and destroy property on set,” LaMarre adds. “In her fit of rage, she then walked to my car and kicked my vehicle door and dented it. There were tons of eyewitnesses on set.”

Looks like this drama isn’t ending anytime soon. 

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