Do Me Baby….But Wear This Chicken Suit

I really need to stop watching television.

One morning as I was getting ready for work I had the television tuned in to old episodes of Divorce Court. In this particular case the husband and wife were seeking a divorce (duh) because of cheating, blah, blah, blah. The one thing that stuck out though was that the wife said one reason she wanted to divorce her husband was because he wanted her to dress up in a “sexy chicken” outfit and cluck around the room.

No. That was not a misprint.

This man expected her to put on a bright yellow feather boa, a black cami set (I think it was a cami set…it was on a mannequin. Yes he brought the suit to court), top it off with a hat that was literally made to look like a rubber chicken and cluck around the room! He said he had a “freaky side” and was just doing him and trying to bring a bit of spice to their bedroom. She felt insulted and was not trying to degrade herself by doing that and frankly I don’t blame her.

I’m all for playing dress up in the bedroom with my man. I’ve played everything from Dancehall Queen and the DJ to a naughty wood nymph. Dressing up is not an issue. However, I will not do anything that degrades me or makes me feel uncomfortable. Asking his wife to play dress up is a reasonable request, but in a chicken suit??? Clucking??? What’s sexy about that? How does that make your woman feel sexy and special? I’m all for doing what it takes to keep my (deserving) man happy, but not at the expense of my self respect. The husband claims to have found someone else who is willing to wear the chicken suit and I say more power to her. Because any man that will let the woman he supposedly loves parade around in a chicken suit looking like a fool isn’t looking for love or a wife, he’s looking for a good joke….and she’s it.

What wouldn’t you do to make your partner happy? Did your rejection of the request lead to a breakup? How do you determine what requests are reasonable and which ones are crossing a line?

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