Doug Christie Reveals Why He Supports His Wife Being On ‘Basketball Wives LA’

VIBE caught up with retired Guard-Forward, Doug Christie to get his perspective on Basketball Wives LA. He reveals why he supports his wife, Jackie Christie, being on the show, shares relationship longevity secrets and fills us in on his forthcoming new book.

You and Jackie are legendary for having a long healthy marriage, which is rare in the NBA world. What keeps you together?

We’ve been married for 16 years and I think one of the biggest things is communication. In life, all good things come with that. Also, it’s the respect that we have for each other and encouraging each other. We just have a good connection. That’s the basis of how our relationship has come along very strong. With that, I think that you get 16, 20, 30 years out of the marriage. That’s where we’re at, just trying to be together for life as soul mates.

How did you feel when you found out that your wife was approached about doing Basketball Wives LA? What was that conversation like?

I was excited for her. We’ve seen Basketball Wives Miami lots of times and when they approached, her I said, “That’s fantastic, I really hope that this is something you want to do.” I wasn’t trying to force her to make up her mind, I was really excited for her. I think people are going to like her.

How did you feel about the Miami version since it had a negative stigma?

I think that in life you run into all types of situations with different people. I don’t necessarily look at it as negative because a lot of times you grow from stuff this way. It’s entertainment. We enjoyed watching it and I think it’s something that you see a lot with professionals dealing with a bunch of different people. So it wasn’t anything negative, we enjoyed it.

Elaborate on what element you think your wife will bring to the show?

I cant say exactly what element she’ll bring to the show but if you know my wife¾a lot of people read stuff, you just have to wait and see the show. I think people are gonna be surprised and they’ll love it.

You talk so lovingly about Jackie, how does she inspire you?

My wife inspires me by dedication, her hard work, consistency, the fights that she’s put up or any type of effort when it comes to anything¾those are the things that truly inspire me. The encouragement that I see from my wife allows me to be motivated to stay consistent as well.

How much will we see you on the show?

I can’t say to much but you’ll just have to watch and see.

What else are you working on?

I have a book that’s coming out called <em>Mind, Body and Basketball,</em> and it’s just the way that I break down that game. Also, I train athletes. Actually, Matt Barnes, who’s wife is also on the show, is one of my athletes that I train and so the book just breaks down the game of basketball, the lifestyle and how you can just be a better player on the court, off the court and in every aspect of the game.

Wow you guys are truly are entrepreneurs.

Definitely! Her spirit, like the question that you asked earlier, her spirit really helped to push me forward and it’s something that you need. You need somebody to push you. She helps me do that and I help her do that too. She supported me when I was playing basketball and now that she’s focused on what she wants to do, it’s my turn to reciprocate that.  I think the show is going to be fantastic and I cant wait for people to respond to it, tune in and enjoy it.

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