Draya Michele: Basketball’s Bad Girl

Reality television needs a villain in most cases, and who other than model and actress Draya Michele to do the job on Basketball Wives: LA? The 26-year-old  shows no shame about her spotless résumé owns her faults and her position as The Wives’ biggest threat. With a child endangerment arrest under her belt and a few risqué stunts, it’s easy for storms of misconceptions to come swirling this bossy Aquarius.

Yes, she’s the Vixen who rocks sexy spreads in men’s magazines and dated Chris Brown a few years back (she’s over it), but now she’s finding her own piece of spotlight by being not-so-chummy with the wives of a few NBA players. Does she catch some shade? Of course, but VIBE Vixen catches her speaking her mind on what’s really going on in her world. Take it or leave it.

Niki McGloster

VIXEN: You’re obviously pegged as the girl who’s going to shake up the show, but how do you want to portrayed on the show?
DRAYA: Hopefully, after editing and everything, it changes some people’s opinions of me. I know what to expect, so I won’t be shocked if a lot more people hate me than they already do. People don’t always have the nicest things to say about me, so I’m used to it already.

I want people to see what I do and how I live me life, just so they have a better understand of what it is that I do. A lot of people are confused about how I live my life and why I live my life a certain way and I’m able to travel so much. I want to put a light on what [my life] really is. It is not always a party. I  don’t look at a party as a party; I look at a party as a job, so [the show] will let people know what is really going on inside of my world.

Can you let people know what you do?
I do everything. Anything and everything I can get my hands on out here in LA, I’m into it. I’m doing my acting, my modeling and starting a business–a million things.

In a perfect world, how would you like to expand your brand?  What would you want to be?
I would want to be a boss somewhere with my name on some stuff, sitting up and paying other people to run my business.

Now, make it clear — what’s you connect to the basketball world?
Basically, now I’m friends with a bunch of wives and I dated a basketball player before. I mean, it was nothing currently or anything like that. It was a couple years ago. No big deal.

No names?
You gotta tune in to figure it out.