Draya Michele: Basketball’s Bad Girl

Draya MicheleWe’ll definitely be tuning in for that episode. Now, there is some speculation that there will be some beef with the Miami and LA girls. Have you met the Miami girls?
No, I don’t know anybody from Miami.

Who is your favorite wife or cast member?
I bounce back and forth between Tami and Evelyn. I like different things in each of them, so I bounce back and forth between them.

Would you say you have the same feisty nature as well, or do you like them because that’s them?
I like them because that’s them, but I have similarities that I see in Evelyn. I am little bit more reserved, and I don’t really like to snap on people and show that side. I don’t think it is really necessary for me to get all crazy, but I can. I definitely have that inside of me. All I need the right person to bring it out.

Dang, well hopefully we don’t see that side of you, but the show seems stressful enough to bring that out of you.
You’ll see! It’s a lot to look forward to, trust me. It’s nuts. Any situation that you put girls in, it’s going to be a mess.

Now that everyone is critiquing you and being on the show, are you regretful at all?
No, I’m having fun, and it’s a learning experience for me.

Do you have any close friends in the industry or on the show?
Close friends is a touchy [thing] for me. As far as models go, I like to keep most of them as associates. Girls are designed to disappoint you, so I am very careful and selective of who I call my friends. I don’t really want to shout anybody out as my friend, but I do have some. Everybody don’t hate me [laughs]. I got a personality that if you know me, you will like me. It just comes off as a little bit cold at first, but eventually I can warm up to anybody if I want to.

I’m pretty sure that type of personality is causing some problems with the other girls.
Everybody is not so excited about my humor. Not everybody thinks my humor is humorous, so it causes little issues.

There’s been talks about the child endangerment arrest and your son, will we be able to meet your son on the show?
You will definitely see me doing my family thing, my mom thing and my work thing. Anything that is me is going to be on there. Of course, my son is an important part of my life, so I wouldn’t do anything that didn’t involve him. I didn’t leave anything uncovered.

Are you in a relationship?
I’m seeing somebody.

So I’m guessing that comes into play on the show?
I’m working on it.