Draya Michele: Basketball’s Bad Girl

VIBE Vixen: Draya Michele & Laura GovanNow onto the fashion! I know you were recently spotted a Laura Govan’s soiree?  You was wearing this very simple but chic jumpsuit. Is it fair to tag that as your personal style?
I basically I like to mix cheap and expensive together, and it works for me. I believe as long as I have on a good shoe, I can wear anything and it looks right. If you are confident in your own skin, you can wear a plastic bag and it is going to look cute.

Are there any particular labels that you love?
Anything from Urban Outfitters to Neiman Marcus and anything in between. You can catch me in every store from Saks to Forever 21.

What is some of your beauty must-haves?
I am pretty basic. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to wear bronzer. If my bronzer is out, I have to run and go get another one. I am also an eyelash girl! I don’t get the strips; I like the individual lashes. That’s something that I can’t live without. Some eyelashes, bronzer and lipgloss goes a long way with me.

Any particular brand of lipgloss?
MAC Cremesheen. Any color, any shade, I love them all.

What projects do you have in the works?
I am working on a bikini line right now for all types of girls. Its going to be affordable for everybody and stylish enough for everybody.

Any idea when that’s going to drop?
Soon, very soon. It’s all happening very fast!