Exploring Drake’s ‘Club Paradise’: Old Flings, Strippers and Reminders of Home

Over the weekend, the next-in-line to drop an album from the Young Money camp released several new tracks to the ‘Net. Among the new songs, Drake’s “Club Paradise” is another slowed down reflection of his ascent from a small neighborhood in Toronto to the top of hip-hop charts. Below, VIBE offers some help for you to read between the lines.

Drake Says: They say that all your old girls got somebody new/ I said, “Damn, really? Even Rose Mary? Even Leanne Sealey?”

The Breakdown: Since Drake’s debut album, Thank me Later, dropped in 2010, Toronto’s rap savior has had little time to go home. Drizzy looks back at the women that were in his life before the fame and money changed everything. Click Here: Leanne Sealey 

I be with my nigga Chubbs, he in love with street shit/No wonder why I feel awkward at this Fashion Week shit/No wonder why I keep fucking up the double-cheek kiss

Chubbs is part of Drake’s security team. Recently, the crew accompanied drake to a DJ gig at the Versace flagship store in New York City. Click Here: Chubbs

And I was told once, things will change/ By a nigga named Tip when my deal came

Drake and Tip first linked up for “Fancy,” off of Drake’s debut album. This bit of information must have resonated with him. Click Here: “Poppin Bottles”

Now I’m that guy that know them strippers by their real names/Rochelle, Jordan 

Looking for love in the gentleman’s club isn’t a new thing for Drake. He already tried his hand at dating dancer Maliah Michel. This song takes its name from a strip club in Toronto. Click Here: Club Paradise Maliah Michel 

My mother is back to who she was years ago/It’s like a new page me and her are beginning on 

Drake’s mother has always been present in his rhymes. Now he can provide her with lavish luxuries, thanks to his new financial status. It’s like a new beginning for mother and son. Click Here: Drake and his mother.

Need credentials for every one of these Toronto kids/I promised they’d see it with me, we just trying to live I told ‘em we about to get it and we finally did

Even with the world chanting his name, Toronto has always been the city dearest to Drake’s heart. Now that he’s in a position of power, he wants to bring local talent, such as The Weeknd, along for the ride. Click Here: The WeekndDrake PraisesThe Weeknd