Fabolous Responds To Ray J Fight Rumors

The latest fight news comes not from Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz but one rapper and one singer. Yesterday (Sept. 19), R&B crooner Ray J went off on Brooklyn MC Fabolous, during an impromptu interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

It’s now been confirmed that Ray and Fab were involved in a minor scuffle after the big fight this past weekend in Vegas. Of course, there are two very different accounts of the incident floating around. Ray’s super-thug tirade would make one believe he KO’d the rapper.

“When I seen him, I was with Floyd and 50, and he tried to say, ‘Don’t touch me.’ And I touched that n*gga,” a rowdy Ray J told The Breakfast Club.

Apparently, the beef was ignited by a several Tweets sent out by Fabolous in-regards to Ray J’s appearance on Mayweather’s HBO special 24/7.


Ray J continued: “My homie saved his life when he was in LA. His life was threatened by my other dudes, and my other homie saved his life…so how dare you even speak disrespectful to me!”

“Imma make sure he calls up and apologize for his actions, ’cause I’m not playing…these n—as think I sing songs and play around…I got a 20,000 square foot crib, I got an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, I got an indoor basketball court, and an outdoor court! F–k that broke ass n—a!

“He can’t joke on me. I let that n—a borrow my Lamborghini for his video in L.A., that’s my word. I let him borrow my lamborghini, I let him drop my top…he can have that shit, that’s old. I got 3 new Rolls Royces outside….”

However, Fabolous also phoned into Power 105 yesterday and told DJ Clue his side of the story.

“Brandy’s lil brother is like ‘Yo, I’m here with the Money Team and we was talking about the jokes, and we wasn’t feeling the jokes.‘ So now I look over at 50 and they’re trying to see what Ray J is talking about…I’m like hold on. I’m looking at his eyes….is he serious? ‘Yo Ray J, whats wrong with you?‘ ‘Naw, we getting this money out here. The money team is right here…‘ and while he’s talking to me, he’s touching me on the shoulder and tapping me on the chest. I’m like ‘Don’t touch me.’ ‘What you mean don’t touch me, Fab?‘ Then he pushed off my chest…”

“He was on that “whitney” last night. Ain’t no swings take place. You can ask the Money Team. He’s probably the water boy for them. So I grab him up by his red hoodie, just chill out, Lil’ Red Riding Hood. …I let his hoodie go, pushed him back. He’s behind his security dude, screaming at the ceiling….Only thing that happened is my shades got lost. I went to my dressing room, we joked about it….”

Who do you believe?