Farai Simoyi’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

New York Fashion Week is officially over but we still want to share the images from British Zimbabwean Designer Farai Simoyi’s latest collection. Farai was named ‘The Next Best Designer’ by Essence Magazine and Time Out New York called her a ‘Breakout Designer.’

Called Desert Oasis, the collection “embodies that very definition; a fruitful flourishing where resources are scarce, or at times, seemingly gone. In a desert like industry, Farai Simoyi is the force that thrives in such harsh climates, and in turn, gracefully produces life through a natural Bohemian collection. Farai Simoyi creates the spirit of Woman, Warrior, Wayward Traveller, as well as heart, all the while representing femininity through her rich use of soft/steel aesthetics.”

Take a look, Vixens. Do you like what you see?

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