Fashion Week How To: Getting On Lists

From Fashion Indie–The fashion scene is one that can be difficult to get yourself into, especially in a huge market such as New York City. It can hard to get your foot in the proverbial door when there is a literal PR girl at the door with a list that you’re not on. There are a couple ways of getting yourself invited to these selective functions some of which are pretty obvious but it’s always good to know that these ways work. Keep reading to find out how to get those invites filling up your inbox.


Get Yourself Noticed
This is a very important piece of advice which can refer more than to just getting on a list but also your whole fashion career. This being said you don’t want to stand out in a bad way. Being infamous might get you blackballed from events. (This Indie has seen it) There are different ways to stand out such as: having an awesome blog, having great style, getting press focused on or even handing around with the right group. (More on that in the next suggestion.)

People want to invite people who other people will be talking about. Why else do you think they make such a hubub about which models and celebrities “might” be in attendance.


As in many other industries (fashion especially) it’s all about the people you know. We totally do not endorse “social climbing” (in fact we make fun of it) but there’s no shame in going somewhere as someone’s plus one as long as you make sure you’re not just along for the ride. Yes someone helped you get into the door but don’t rely on them for anything else but that. It is up to you go make yourself stand out and mingle. Find the PR and introduce yourself. Next time they’ll invite you directly.

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