Fitness: Zoe Saldana Talks Workout Routine For “Colombiana” Physique

Sizzling Colombiana star Zoe Saldana didn’t just gain her Cataleya Restrepo figure out of nowhere. In the September 2011 cover story of Women’s Health, she gives Vixens the goods on how she did it, her quirky boyish habits, and more.

From Become Gorgeous–“Zoe Saldana is Women’s Health September 2011 cover girl. In the interview, the 33-year-old actress dishes on her exercise routine, on the training period for ‘Colombiana’, and she also reveals a few things regarding her healthy lifestyle and her thoughts on her male costars. Zoe has recently graced the cover of three September 2011 magazine issues. You can find the beautiful starlet on the cover of Ebony, Women’s Health, and Latina. Besides, she was also featured in the GQ September 2011 issue.

Zoe admitted she is more like the boyish type and it seems that she has no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to interviews. The ‘Avatar’ actress dishes in the September issue of Women’s Health on her midnight tattoo sprees (“We woke up the next morning and were like, ‘That totally [bleepin’] happened!’?”), dietary quirks (“Call me crazy — I love elk meat!”), and deep appreciation for bodacious women (“Christina Hendricks? Gabow!”).

The actress spent most of her early childhood in Queens, New York, and then moved to the Dominican Republic until she was 17 when she came back to the States. Speaking about her lifestyle, Zoe admitted that she is constantly looking to stay healthy. ‘I’m always trying to find a new way of living that’s healthier for my body,’ she says in the cover story.”

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