G-Dep To Possibly Face 15 Years-To-Life In Prison

Former Bad Boy soldier G-Dep, who confessed last December to an 18-year-old murder case, is expected to be facing 15 years-to-life after losing a bid to have his charges reduced to manslaughter. 

According to the New York Post, Dep’s defense lawyer Anthony Ricco pleaded with prosecutors to be forbearing with his client’s final sentence because G-Dep—formally Trevell Coleman— made the decision to turn himself in due to a heavy conscience. 

However prosecutors shrugged the request and have Dep for a mininum of 15 years in prison, which he can either accept or refute in trial. 

Diddy’s ex-protege confessed to the 1993 shooting of John Henkel outside of a housing complex, though his wife Crystal Sutton told VIBE exclusively that she adamantly believes her husband may not have been in the right state of mind when owning up to the murder. The 36-year-old rapper, has been tangled in drug and legal troubles over the past recent years while trying to secure a comeback online. 

Ricco says that even with the bad news, his client remains calm. “His decision [to confess] was made for all the right reasons. “The DA should ask themselves whether they made their decision for the right reasons.”


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