Germany Introduces Prostitution Parking Meter

It’s the world’s oldest profession and no matter how people fight it, prostitution is one job that will be here long after we’re gone. In most states in the U.S. and in most countries around the world, prostitution is illegal, but in Germany the ladies of the night run free…legally.

Those for the legalization of prostitution often claim that it’s a viable source of income for governments and taxing prostitutes for their “work” can generate millions a year. To test this theory, officials in the German city of Bonn have recently installed prostitution parking meters that allow the ladies to pay about $8.60 in exchange for a ticket valid for one night’s work. The tickets are good from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., with no limit on customers.

Officials have stated that it is more difficult to tax street walkers than women who work in brothels and hope that this method will create fairness, in addition to generating about $288,000 in new income for the city.

Bonn City spokeswoman Isabelle Klotz has this to say:

“Thanks to this new method, we will be able to tax them in all fairness with the others.”

The meters went into effect this week in a known prostitution area in the city. Prostitutes found working without their metered ticket will face serious fines.

So Vixen fam, should prostitution be legal? What do you think of Germany’s prostitution tax? Could something like this work in the U.S.?