Girl You Look Good Enough To Be My Mistress

Picture it.

You meet a guy and instantly sparks fly. Initially you both want to know everything about each other. A few months later you are practically inseparable so you decide to bring up the inevitable “Where is this going?” conversation. With things going so well you assume he’ll say he wants to be exclusive, but instead you get the “Let’s take things slow. Titles mess things up” line. Okay, you concede defeat — besides, it has only been a few months. Next thing you know, it’s a year later and you’re still “friends” even though you move more like a couple. He still won’t give your relationship a title, so you bounce. Good riddance!

Fast forward a few months.

You’re sitting at home minding your business when you get a phone call. It’s your ex-”friend” calling to say hello. You’ve heard through the grapevine that he now has a GIRLFRIEND so you want to know what the hell he’s calling you for?! You exchange pleasantries and then you go for the jugular by asking how his new girlfriend is. He tries to sidestep but finally admits (sort of) that he has a girlfriend, but then he goes on to tell you how she’s clingy and he might be trying to cut her off soon and oh…..she doesn’t give head like you and isn’t aggressive in bed.


So you politely try to ignore the statement when all of a sudden he decides to tell you how he misses you and, long story short, wants to see you to give you what your body is missing. You find an excuse to get off the phone and brush it off as him just having some regret. It’s natural right? But then it happens again. Not once, not twice, but at least half a dozen times over the next few months. Every time he calls, he throws out a line about how wet he can make your body or how you ain’t ready for all the things he picked up from watching the new porn he bought. You try to mention his GIRLFRIEND, but he doesn’t care. Yes, she’s his girl, but he wants YOUR body because she doesn’t do what you do. Now you brushed it off the first time and gave the side -eye the last couple of times, but now, all the bells whistles and fire alarms are going off….

IS THIS [email protected] TRYING TO MAKE YOU HIS SIDE PIECE??!!!!!!

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