Girl You Look Good Enough To Be My Mistress

So wait, you weren’t good enough to be his GIRLFRIEND when he had you, but now you’re good enough to be his mistress?? Bad enough you let him use your body when you thought you both were going somewhere you obviously weren’t, but because she’s not the throw it back champ that you are and is in desperate need of a $3 barbershop copy of one of Pinky’s Head Clinic videos, you’re supposed to let him lay up in your body like a mattress??

Really son? Really!!

Of all the things you did for him during your time together that he could miss, the only thing he calls and says he misses is how the kitty wrapped around his wanna be Anaconda? And that is supposed to entice you into settling for mistress instead of girlfriend?


Why do men always feel as if we’re so desperate for a man, any man, that we’ll settle for sloppy seconds and scraps? And why are there women who actually jump on opportunities like this?? Thinking that they somehow have something over the other woman so they are going to win him back. My thing is, why in the world would you want a man back that after all the time you spent together only values what’s between your legs? He didn’t say he misses your drive and ambition, your laugh or even your banging buttermilk fried chicken….all he misses is your head game. Is that all you’re worth? Worse yet, how dare he THINK that’s all you’re worth!

I’m sorry, but any man that thinks I’m only good enough for an in-the-shadows-mattress-affair type romance is not a man I want to be with, especially not after I have shown you that I am way more than that. If you don’t see me as girlfriend material that’s fine. Everyone is not meant to be a perfect match, but don’t ever assume that what you slung was so good that I’d value myself as deserving nothing more than your occasional scraps. You may think I’m only good enough to be your mistress and mattress, but me and the guy that will surely replace your sorry ass, think I’m worth way more than that.

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