Give Yourself The Star Treatment With Red Carpet Manicure

Have you ever wondered what Beyonce, Rihanna, or Jennifer Lopez to get their nails ready for their many red carpet appearances? Well, I’ve got the scoop! I chatted up celebrity manicurist, Elle who told me that Beyonce, Rihanna and J.Lo are all fans of Red Carpet Manicure, the first professional salon gel manicure that you can do at home. Though obviously they aren’t doing theirs themselves.

“Have you seen Jennifer’s nails on American Idol?” she asked me as she begin to give me the star treatment during a press preview of Red Carpet Manicure. I love the results, and the news is this is a look I can give myself. You can too if you know how to paint your nails neatly. It really isn’t that different the steps that you would take to give yourself an at home manicure.

The process isn’t at all that different from the steps you would take when you give yourself a manicure. Plus, each bottle is labeled the step that you should use it.

Step 1: Prep Prep your nails using the Max Adhension Sanitizer ($3.99)

Step 2: Care & Color Use the Structure Base ($9.99), then stick your nails under the LED light. Apply your choice of LED Gel Nail Polish ($9.99), stick nails back under the LED light.

Step 3: Finish Up Moisture your cuticles (3.99), and the wipe off the excess residue with the Pre and Post Application Cleanser ($3.99).

You can buy each step individually or you can buy a starter kit. The starter kit with the professional LED Light is $79.99, while the battery operated LED portable light starter kit is $59.99. The best part? You can get this product at Ulta, and be well on your way to having nails with long lasting shine.

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