G.O.O.D Music Producer Hit Boy Says He Has A Beat That Just Might Top ‘Ni–as In Paris’

The last 365 days have been great to 24-year-old producer Hit Boy. The most telling being August 4, when Hoveezy’s epic narcissist manual Watch The Throne dropped and it seemed every listener unanimously deemed HB’s frenetic “Ni–as In Paris” a super highlight track. 

But G.O.O.D Music’s young beat maestro told VIBE his WTT cut definitely won’t be the best we’ve seen of his work. In fact Hit was in Las Vegas recently for a studio session with Kendrick Lamar and gave the Cali spitter a beat that just might top “Ni–as In Paris.”

“Man that beat [for Kendrick] is retarded. I think the shit is up there [with ‘Ni–as In Paris’]. It’s just nasty, club shit and it got that bounce, that same kind of bounce,” he says with excitement. “It’s like with ‘Ni–as in Paris’ theres’s no way you cannot move to that bounce. So yeah, it’s one of those beats.”

Besides working with Kendrick, Hit Boy has also been in the studio with some reverend heavy hitters such as Rihanna (“That song is real sexy, but still for the clubs. I love it, it’s the shit.”), bossman ‘Ye (“We got some dope ideas that could possibly be for his next album…”), Jeezy and John Legend. 

Looks like Hit Boy has plans of making the new year sound just as good.