International Affair: 5 Reggae-Infused Fashion Trendsetters

Last month, the music world was shocked when Patra surprisingly popped up at a New York City event. Looking better than ever, the dancehall diva has been absent since shaking up the music world with her colorful reggae and hip-hop fusion in 1990s. “Romantic Call” and “Pull Up to My Bumper” became instant hits, leaving viewers to decipher her poignant lyrics. The reggae dancehall market has expanded since she faded into obscurity and many mainstream artists continue to add the element into their music.

Artists such as Mya, who recently showed up at this year’s SumFest to peform the infamous remix to “Girls Dem Sugar” alongside Beenie Man, have been known to experiment with the complicated twang and seductive dance moves. There are only very few artists to whom this extra skill comes naturally, from either generational background or experience, proving the reggae element in Hip-Hop and R&B is still alive and fresh. Take a look at Vixen’s Top 5 Artists who’ve have integrated reggae into hip-hop and/or R&B and the corresponding Caribbean fashion inspiration from this year’s style week in Jamaica. Feel free to download the songs mentioned as well, so you can finally hang up “Romantic Call.”

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