Is Rihanna Gearing Up To Release Her Sixth Studio Album By The End Of 2011?

According to Digital Spy, this may be true.

Yesterday (Sept 15), fans were up in arms all across the Twittersphere when news hit that there could possibly be another Rihanna opus already on the rise (RiRi was originally going to repackage her 2010 album, Loud, but later scrapped the idea). The red-headed siren soon took to Twitter in response stating, “Yassss! Yaaayy I can’t wait to start filling u guys in on some details!! *Zips lips*” and also alluded to further details to come “after CHEERS becomes #1 ;).”
With the hit single currently at #10 on the US Hot 100, it doesn’t seem like we have much longer to wait! Stay tuned!

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