Is Stereotypically ‘Gay’ Style Growing On Hip-Hop?

From The Grio — Jeggings, otherwise known as the lovechild of jeans and leggings, are a hybrid of denim and spandex loved by teenage girls, stick-thin fashionistas, and somewhat surprisingly, Lil’ Wayne.

The rapper has been catching major flack for the pair he sported to his show-closing performance at the MTV Music Awards — a dashing leopard pair, offset by a bright blue pair of Polo Ralph Lauren draws and red and yellow kicks. It was an eye-catching outfit to say the least. Surely Lil’ Wayne knew what he was doing when he stepped on stage looking like George Clinton’s back up singer. Another ploy for publicity perhaps?

Naturally his outfit became a hot topic on Twitter, with most criticizing his look and questioning his sexuality. One enterprising person even created a fake Twitter account for the pants,@Waynes_Jeggings.

Despite the attention that particular outfit garnered, Lil’ Wayne’s clothing has been shrinking for a while now, in accordance with the trend — while guys are still sagging, they are no longer rocking the baggy look. What results is a paradox of masculinity, in which staying on trend means refining a somewhat feminine sense of taste, and risking being mocked in homophobic ways.

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