‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Gets His Nose Broken By Mike Tyson

And the stunts just keep on coming. Jackass’ breakout fool, Steve-O, is up to his usual self-destructive ways, but this time he pulled in Mike Tyson for assistance. According to RadarOnline, Steve-O promised Charlie Sheen that he would leave his roast with a broken nose courtesy of Tyson’s fist.

Unfortunately for all you Smack DVD stans, Steve-o’s snapped snout was pre-planned with the MTV star diving head-on into Tyson’s fist. How anti-climatic, right? Well perhaps Stevie’s actualy comedy section went a bit better when he ran off with this little jab…

“The last time this many nobodies got roasted, at least the band Great White was playing,” Steve-O said, in reference to the February 20, 2003 fire at a Rhode Island nightclub The Station that killed 100 people.

Looks like dude is better off pulling spaghetti from his nose. 

Watch the video here.