Jackie Christie Chats ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Drama, Relationship Longevity

VIBE caught up with entrepreneur, Jackie Christie to chat about why she believes Basketball Wives LA is different from Miami, the balance she brings to the show, her forthcoming relationship book and what people can learn about how 16 year marriage continues to thrive.

What were your thoughts about the Miami show before you entertained doing LA?

I really enjoyed watching the Miami show. I think the girls are funny. I relate to a few of them so I thought this would be cool. I thought that if I did the LA show, we would be a lot different. All personalities are different and people are interested in my life so I thought this would be a good chance or a good way for my fans to see what I’m doing currently, and also to just get to know me a lot better. I like the idea of it being an ensemble team, more than just myself.

Who do you relate to from Miami?

Tami and Shaunie, I know both of them. I’ve met Suzie, she’s cool too so a couple of them. But I knew Tami because when we used to travel and my husband was playing she would also be traveling with her husband and I know Shaunie because we’ve met just being around.

The Miami cast kind of eased into the drama but from episode one of LA, it’s already getting ratchet!

[Laughs] I think LA is a lot more dynamic and the girls live a different lifestyle out here on this coast than they do Miami. This is Hollywood, it’s the land of entertainment, it’s faster paced to me. Miami reminds me more of a beach town⎯ kind of relaxed. But here, it’s always something. Our hours are jam packed with everything under the sun. So I think it’s definitely going to be different.

So, the drama is definitely coming full throttle?

Oh my God! They don’t want us to give too much a way but I can definitely say that it is adrenaline pumped. And I think that people will be on the edge of their seats all the way through the whole series. We love hard, we fight hard, we do it all so it’s gonna be really good.

You have a reputation of being outspoken and assertive so with that, what will be some of your moments where you have to read someone their rights?

[Laughs] What I can say is that with how people perceive me, there will be a lot of perceptions squashed. But then people will also see some stuff where they’ll say, “That’s Jackie.” I definitely will say that it will be very interesting. I’m no holds barred⎯all of us are⎯and I kind of encourage and lead the women and make sure everybody just opens the doors to their life in a different kind of way. One of the things that was important to me coming in was that I really want to let the fans and let the people know and see everything that goes on. We don’t hold back, we’re very open on the show.

What element do you think you bring to the show?

I would say I’m more like the mentor, more like the Shaunie. But I also demand my respect.

One thing the show lacks is women in functional relationships. Will that be where you and your husband pick up the slack?

I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised. My husband is very supportive, so it will be interesting.

What’s your secret to a successful relationship?

I think our secret is intimacy for sure, and I’m writing a new book about that, but I’m not just talking about the physical aspect of intimacy, communicating is important too. We respect each other tremendously and that’s something we kept in our marriage from the beginning. Its easy to lose yourself in someone else in a certain situation but you have to remember who you are as an individual while also being willing to give your 50% to the relationship so the other person can be happy as well and comfortable. You can’t be selfish in a relationship, so I think just talking and being able to share anything is important. Us being best friends is our secret to making it 16 years and hopefully 50 more.

Talk about your book.

It’s called, Sexual Relations: His and Hers Guide to Greater Intimacy. All my Cast mates are gonna guest-author a chapter each, so I’m excited about that and there will be about seven or eight surprise celebrity guests as well, who will write in it. But it will be showing single people, couples, everybody out there, a few key things about what’s missing nowadays in relationships. I talk about my experiences and give a few tips, there will be expert opinions in there and the girls will all write about some of their experiences too, so it’s a joint project. It’s gonna be great and I’m glad they’re a part of it.

As far as Basketball Wives LA, what do you want people to take away from you on the show?

I hope they take away from me my strength, my passion for life and for others, my love for fashion and who I am as a person. I think a lot of people have misconceived ideas about me⎯some of it due to the media, some of it due to me never really stepping out into the limelight, which I plan to do now with the show. So I say people will get to know me better when we’re done.

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