Jay-Z Speaks on ‘Providing Opportunity’ at Charity Carnival

Last night (Sept. 29), Jay-Z’s charity carnival at the Hudson River Park in New York City treated dozens of kids to an unforgettable time. Proceeds from the event went to his Shawn Carter Foundation.

Jay and his mother started the foundation in 2002 to help families going through socioeconomic issues. Hov spoke to MTV at the affair.

“Just providing opportunity and seeing what people do with that opportunity. If you want to go further and you want to further your education, just giving someone that extra little push [so] that maybe you’ll turn out to be someone special,” Jay said.

“My mom has been running this for a number of years,” said Jay. “My mom gets on the bus and takes the kids and takes them to their orientations and she’s been riding around the college.”

“It’s a real grassroots thing that she’s been doing on her own, and I’m just really trying to help her expand it so we can help more people. It started out as a Brooklyn thing, and then it started as a New York thing, and now hopefully we can take it to a worldwide thing.”

Earlier this week, Jay-Z helped welcome the Nets to Brooklyn from New Jersey, who will start playing at the Baraclays Center in 2012. With the move approaching, that means new jerseys and thankfully one of their owners will help create a new logo for the team. Jay-Z is teaming up with Nets brass and Adidas to design the uniforms, decide on new colors and of course their logo.  The team official explained “No matter what, the logo will feature Brooklyn prominently because the club wants to tap into the borough’s world-popular brand name.”

The team flirted with the idea of changing its’ name, even to the “Brooklyn Dodgers” but the most interesting suggestion came from Brooklyn borough President Marty Markowitz, who wanted “Brooklyn Tudes”. But the best is yet to come, Jay-Z also announced he will be performing at Baraclay Center next year when it opens.

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