Jersey Shore Recap – Jionni Still Sucks, Snooki & Vinny Get It In

Jionni decided to fly to another continent to see his girlfriend only to return home after about a day just because he got upset with her. What a he-bitch! It’s not like he didn’t know that he was with Snooki.

Anyway, with Jionni gone Snooki was feeling lonely and vulnerable. She felt that everyone in the house, especially Jenni, had abandoned her. Jenni apologized for yelling at her and making her feel alone. However, in Jwoww’s defense, she was actually being a friend by telling Snooki to get a grip. After a while, everyone gets tired of the dramatic person who constantly brings negative situations upon themselves. So, Jenni did the right thing. She remained a friend while not getting to sucked into Snooki’s madness.

Eventually, Jenni begged Jionni to stay in Italy on behalf of Snooki, but it fell on deaf ears because by that point his mom had already changed his ticket. Yet, he called Snooki when he got back home just to berate her even more. Surprisingly, Snooki didn’t cry or grovel. Instead, she put Jionni in his place by telling him off and then the mother of all insults–hanging up on him. Good job Snooks!

We thought Snooki was back to her old self when she hooked up with Vinny at the end of the episode but according to the previews for next week, it all comes tumbling down when she reveals to Jionni what happened. Sigh.

And somewhere in the middle of all the Snooki madness, Deena thought she was pregnant.Um, we didn’t see Deena really getting it in on camera so we’re going to assume that waiter boy was the culprit.

It turned out that she was not with child so she (and the rest of the world) can breathe easy.

And the saga continues…