Keri Hilson Loses Control During Studio Session, Talks About Touring With Lil Wayne

Keri Hilson recently linked up with AOL for an in-studio session. After belting out a live version of her single “Lose Control,” Ms. Hilson sat down with AOL to talk about life on the I AM Still Music tour.

AOL: So tell us about touring with Wayne. Were you excited?

Keri: I [was] really excited to be on yet another tour with Lil Wayne. I was on his first ever headlining tour, I Am Music, and now it’s I Am Still Music and he is still music, he’s still very successful. I’m very proud of him. I feel like, being from the south, I’m really proud of him. You know, watching where — one verse on ‘Back That A– Up’ — that Juvenile record, Cash Money situation, no one would have seen [where] that little one verse, ‘Woppity, woppity/ Drop it like it’s hot’ [would go], but his voice and his tone was so amazing. I don’t know, I could go on and on and on. I love watching the underdog win. When someone is just able to create a whole entire world around one little opportunity, I love that. So I champion Lil Wayne and I’m proud that he asked me to come back.