Keyshia Cole Reveals New Album’s February Release

Keyshia Cole is finally back to work on the follow-up to last year’s Calling All Hearts (and hopefully stepping away from that God-awful lipstick). The 29-year-old R&B songstress received lackluster reviews on her fourth album, despite two singles that ranked on urban charts. Cite what you want, fans just weren’t feeling the “happy” Keysh. However, fans found new faith once the singer revealed (via Twitter) a February release for her latest musical effort. She stated:

There you have it, stans! Are expecting big things from her next shot? Keyshia experienced plenty of ups and downs in the last 365 to keep her records from sinking. Beef with hip-hop queen Lil Kim, marrying baller boyfriend Boobie Gibson, dropping longtime manager Manny Halley for Kevin Liles and reuniting with her mother, Frankie, are all great inspirations to stem from, right? It’s been awhile since the singer been worshiped on the R&B pedestal! Do you think she can get back on the throne?