Killer Mike Gave A Touching Speech Before Troy Davis’ Execution

With hours counting down to the last moments of Troy Davis’ life, the Georgia inmate executed Wednesday night (Sept. 21) at 11:08 pm for allegedly murdering a white police officer, people all over the states took to their social networks and streets to protest the life of a possibly innocent man, especially the hip-hop community.

The Georgia Peach state’s rappers Big Boi, Pill and socially-conscious outspoken rapper Mike Bigga — formally known as Killer Mike — took the front line yesterday to protest in honor of the incarnated Troy Davis.

Mike gave a insightful testimony at a rally yesterday, where he touched on the inspirations behind his conscious raps and motives, and how his roots as the most prominent modern rap activist today blossomed at the tender age of 15. He continued to explain how stories have been handed down to him from his bloodline, which only added more fuel to his burning fire.

“I’m angry, it’s unfair that my grandfather was born in 1922, my father was a formal Atlanta City police officer, born in 1955, and the stories that they tell me about the police brutalizing black men in 1932, 43, 53, 63, 73, 83, 93, 03, and will be 2013 until we stand up and say enough is enough!!’

Of course not knowing if all the protesting would actually make a big enough impact to actually stop the execution, Mike continued to preach words of courage, making sure that the young visitors — apparently from the metro areas surrounding colleges — would leave with words of wisdom to stick in their back pockets for eternity.

“What we’re going to do here today, is leave here knowing, that you can kill one of us, but to shut us up, you better be prepared to kill all of us!,” followed by a standing applause from the attendees.

Rest in peace Troy Davis and all other victims of the death penalty, whether guilty or innocent. –Shabazz