La La: Reality Star Power

Alani “La La” Anthony’s newfound level of stardom has the power to reshape reality and influence pop culture in a more positive way. She first walked into our hearts by way of TV screens set to MTV’s Total Request Live after an average school day, and the hazel-eyed 22-year-old youngster brought the show flavor with a look and voice incredibly able to capture an audience. You may not have had the keen instinct at the time, but La La was in the beginning stages of what has become, today, a major blogger blitz with all eyes on her.

Fast forward four years from her last days in the 1515 building, and you find her now married to Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, being a mommy to four-year-old son Kiyan and completely reigning as reality television’s sweetheart. Over the years, you may have caught her hosting gigs on Flavor of Love, For The Love of Ray J or a slew of other VH1-hosted reality shows, but you didn’t get a real glimpse of that TRL sparkle until her 2010 nuptials.

As she allowed VH1 cameramen to capture the intimate details of her star-studded wedding last July with La La’s Full Court Wedding, audiences found something über relatable and charming about her again, not readily found on popular reality shows Keeping up with Kardashians or Basketball Wives. It’s very apparent that her newest position in front of cameras and reality star power has endless possibilities of being a complete prototype of love and relationships, entrepreneurial business and the relationships women should have with one another. Subsequently, the peek into her life brings a positive light back to women of color.

La La’s Full Court Life is now airing with PG-rated drama surrounding the adjustment to the Big Apple and her girly, best friend moments, while exposing heavy topics of sexuality and the uncertainty of a blossoming acting career. Most importantly, the now 38-year-old’s FCL season illustrates her world as a down-to-earth NBA wife who exhausts the opportunities afforded to her through her star power. Think it’s tough to have such a role in life? VIBE Vixen finds out just how it is being Mrs. Anthony and making moves as a businesswoman.

-Niki McGloster

How are you feeling about the show right now at this very moment?
I think people seem to be excited about it which makes me excited. People are going to find the show very interesting. It documents when Melo was traded to New York which was the biggest thing ever and [shows] just exactly how a trade goes down.  And you get to see me and my friends. Whether it’s Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, we’re all supporting each other and being there for each other. It’s a good balance on television to see successful women supporting each other, having a really strong bond and great friendship. I think it’s necessary for people to see that too on television.