La La: Reality Star Power

VIBE Vixen: La La AnthonyDefinitely, and the same goes for Think Like A Man?
Heck yeah! My acting coach and I were working hard, we’d set up this little area in my house, put my stuff on a flip cam because I couldn’t be in LA at the time and sent the tape over. I got a call and they asked me to come to LA to audition in-person; I did that, did what I was supposed to do and I booked the part.

Who were you most excited to work with when you got the news that you landed the role?
Well…. As a female, I think anytime you hear Michael Ealy’s name, you get a little excited [Laughs]. I mean, I’m married, but I know a good looking guy when I see him. I don’t have any scenes with Michael Ealy, but being there with him has been amazing. I’m working opposite Megan Good, and Romany Malco has been my most pleasant surprise. I met him on the set, and he’s just become a great friend of mine and a new addition in my life. He’s really good! Terrance J is like my brother, so to be able to hang with them, it doesn’t feel like work.

What’s one of the things that you’ve learned from one of the actors that sort of resonates with you?
What I’ve learned just from watching Megan Good is that acting should be effortless. I watch her and she makes it seem so effortless and so easy that it makes my job easier because I’m feeding off of her energy. BUt I just learned that when you’re good at what you do, it doesn’t have to feel like you’re putting a lot of work into it. I’m getting better at letting [my acting skills] come naturally and not forcing it or pushing it forward. The best kind of acting is when you’re not acting.

Did you have to think like a man to snag Melo?
[Laughs] I have a brother that always has that guy mentality, and I get the inside scoop about what guys really think about girls. and I’ve always used that in all my relationships. I think you have to have a bit of a guys’ mentality to get how they think because they’re such different creatures than we are. The book has definitely helped as well because the movie is funny; it’s a romantic comedy, but the book does touch on major issues and relationships, how to get someone to take your seriously and how to get someone to marry you.

Me and Megan just shot a scene a couple days ago where she’s saying that from now on she’s not having sex for 90 days, and my character is like, ‘You’re crazy! You sound ridiculous. Nobody’s waiting 90 days,’ blah blah blah, but it’s true. Will a guy take you more serious if you wait 90 days? I don’t know, but it’s a possibility! So, these things are touched on heavily.