‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Somaya Reece Talks Season 2, Advises Kimbella To Be Honest

With the reports and taping done thus far, do you think Love & Hip-Hop will remain highly regarded as it has been?
It is much more exciting, because it’s an hour-long show with new cast members. From what I’ve been around, you’ll be able to see everyone discuss their opinions. No one has changed as far as the person they are: Chrissy is still a very strong girl, Olivia is still a strong girl. Emily has actually gotten stronger; I’m very proud of her. She has gained a newfound independence for herself. Kimbella, we’re just getting to know, but she’s nice. It’s like a bi-polar version of drama, very drama-filled but very exciting.

Do you think with all the reported drama thus far, it will it fall into the same classification as Basketball Wives?
Love & Hip-Hop
fell in its own lane. It was very much, at first, compared to all the wives’ shows, then it separated itself immediately. Love & Hip-Hop is a whole different show. Nobody thinks about the influence the wives and girls have behind these men. This is a true life account of what happens behind doors in the music industry. It’s about the music business and the personal lives of those in the business, but we are a bunch of feisty chicks though. [Laughs]