Lupe Fiasco Addresses Pending Execution of Troy Davis

It wouldn’t be right if hip-hop’s notable conscious head Lupe Fiasco didn’t share his thoughts on the current Troy Davis situation.

During the Atlanta stop of his Lasers Tour, Lupe performed “Superstar” and let loose some words about the impending execution of accused police kiler, Troy Davis, after the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied Davis clemency the day of the show. 

Lupe took the line: “Like the governor called, and they told him to wait/ Un-strap him from the chair, and put him back in his cage,” customizing the last half to “Un-strap Troy from the chair, and put him back in the A.” 


Lupe continued to say that it was a request from his Twitter followers to address the situation. 


“Let that boy come home ya heard!,” the rapper yelled to the audience with a raised pitch. “At the same time too, say rest in peace to officer MacPhail… So we can say condolscenes and everything out to his family, but at the same time too, we want truth and we want justice. We don’t want to send two victims to the grave.” 


After being put off three separate occasions, Troy Davis is scheduled for execution with lethal injection later this evening. There is a petition for withdrawal of the death warrant here. –Shabazz