MAN LAW: A Few Rules Women Should Follow During Football Season

Men love the NFL! For primitive reasons, I’m sure, the football season sparks several bromances while inciting some of the most intense arguments with their ol’ ladies. Why? Well, us women have to adjust to that sports-over-everything mentality.

Vixens, he may not be grabbing his crotch or burping, but he’s Al-Bundy serious about those 15-minute quarters. Trust me. Some of these Sunday or Monday night regulations seem a bit harsh, but these dudes crave cheering for their favorite teams (Go Giants!) to win the battle of fitness.

While most of us solely prefer gazing at Devin Thomas’ buns and refrain from color coordinating the games, the men just want to watch. Peacefully. Simply put: We’ve got to learn the game or learn to hush.

See what else a few football fanatics had to say:

B. Jones: If you’re watching the game with me, please act enthusiastic.

@DJTouchBasis: Don’t say nothing at all…

@iwonthisrace: Let me watch the football game in peace! Please do not talk about your friend getting cheated on while Tony Romo throws an interception. Oh, how ‘bout them Cowboys?!

Travis: No Lifetime during NFL Sunday, and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut up and just watch the game.

Byron: Stay out of the way–e.g., don’t ask too many questions and don’t pretend to be overly interested. And don’t comment on the players’ physical appearance!

Teddy: Don’t call a “touchdown” a “homerun,” and don’t plan dates on Sunday or Monday nights.

@RockstarWood: No talking or arguing unless it’s about the game, and don’t ask me if we can watch something else.

@TayGotTheJuice: Don’t even talk to me during the Cowboys game unless you’re a fan, and NO extravagant Sunday or Monday dinners! Straight pizza, beer and chicken wings.

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