Mara Hoffman Sends Fabric Braids Down The Runway

This spring expect to see a lot of fabric woven into braids like the ones models wore down Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2012 runway. Mara worked with European creative director of TIGI’s, Nick Irwin to braid fabric through the model’s high ponytail full of plaits.

“I wanted something that was a little bit more individual, that didn’t just look like a scarf in the hair,” he explained. “I wanted it to almost look like the girls had it done themselves, but with a little bit more of a twist.”

You may not have a Nick Irwin to create this look for you at home but you can do this yourself by “putting hair in a topknot and literally thread the material through the knot so you get this play on what I’ve done in the show,” Irwin recommends.

What say you, Vixens? Would you rock fabric braids?

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