Mark Wahlberg Confirms ‘Entourage’ Movie

It’s not a wrap yet for the Entourage crew! Mark Wahlberg has confirmed that the chances of an Entourage movie are looking pretty good, according to PEOPLE.

“It better happen,” Wahlberg told the magazine. “We’re working on [a movie] as we speak.”

By ending the storyline on an upbeat note – Vinnie (Adrien Grenier) got married, Eric (Kevin Connolly) got back his bride-to-be, Drama (Kevin Dillon) got his series, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) got his fortune, and Ari (Jeremy Piven) got his marriage back on track and a job offer to run a studio – Wahlberg says everything is “teed up for a movie.”

No surprise there! Are you excited for the boys’ return?