Midday Chocolate: 14 Reasons We Love Trey Songz

1.#Lemmeholddatbeat 2 (2011)
Trey Songz Has Songs For Days

If you were to combine all of this albums and mixtapes, you could get lost in his ambiance.

2. Anticipation II (2011)
Trey is a Man of Many Talents
And looks good doing it all. Is there anything he can’t do?

3. Trigga Lifestyle (2011)
Trey Songz’s Falsetto Mirrors Climax
Trey Songz wooed us with his sweet voice way back in 2005 on his debut album I Gotta Make It. Four albums later, his falsetto has grown into something serious. Yuuup!

4. #Lemmeholddatebeat (2010)
Trey Raps and Sings
There aren’t too many singers who can pull off rapping. Trigga’s no Jay Z, but his bars are pretty clever.

5. Murder He Wrote 3 (2010)
Trey Song’z Can Turn a Mixtape into an Album
Listening to Trey’s mixtapes, you might feel as if you’re listening to a full album. Some include never before heard original tracks.

6. Murder He Wrote 2 (2009)
Trey Songz is Creative
Trey takes other artists’ songs and puts his own spin on them. His cover of Beyoncé’s “Ego” exemplifies that, as he used Bey’s play on words and turned the word “ego” into “a big you know.”

7. Murder He Wrote (2009)
Trey is Versatile

As a moving military brat, Song’z learned to adjust to lot of different situations. He’s used those adapting skills in his music, for he’s collaborated with Ludacris, Fabolous, Chris Brown, Twista, Amerie, Lupe Fiasco, Nikki Minaj, J. Cole, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Drake, Kelly Rowland and more–each having different styles of music.