Midday Chocolate: 14 Reasons We Love Trey Songz

8. Anticipation (2009)
Trey Keeps It 100

Trey doesn’t hesitate to tell vixens exactly when, where and how he’d please her. The self-proclaimed inventor of sex in songs even instructs his mistresses (i.e. “Come kiss me, come with me, down the hall to my bedroom”). Aggressive, much; and he’s not afraid to get loud. Trey let us know that when he swore the neighbors knew his name. What vixen doesn’t like a man that takes charge? We approve that certainty.

9. Ladies Choice 3 (2008)
Trey Has the Most Serious Sexiest Stare

Trey has a suave demeanor and part of it has to do with that stare he does. You know, the way he cocks his head to the side as he looks downward. His eyes locking in on his subject. It’s enough to give you chills!

10. Ladies Choice 2 (2008)
Trey Has the Cutest Smile

Have you peeped Song’z dimples? Need we say more?

11. Ladies Choice (2007)
The Slight Southern Drawl
If his stare or smile isn’t sexually appealing enough, Trey’s southern drawl brings all of his physical goodness together.

12. In My Mind (2007)
Trey Songz is Confident
 “So many people say that I’m conceited (well damn), I’m starting to believe it,” says Trey in one of many of his cover songs. You can’t tell Trey he’s not the hottest doing things. Then again, what kind of artist would he be if he didn’t believe he was the best.

13. Prince of R&B (2006)
Trey Songz Has a Hustle-hard Mentality
The Virginia native didn’t always consider becoming a singer, but once he realized the influence his music had on people and the feeling he got from it, it was a wrap; he fell in love with making music. It’s proven in his mixtapes between albums that include covers and original pieces. His grind doesn’t stop.

14. Genesis (Demo before stardom)
Trey Songz is a Go-Getter
In many interviews, Trey recalls sleeping on couches, driving a busted car and traveling all around the east coast to pursue his new dream. He was determined. It’s clear that when Trey Songz wants something, he does everything in his power to get it.