Mobb Deep Reminisces on Their Classic Record ‘Shook Ones II’

This past Sunday, Mobb Deep, kicked off the Red Bull Academy’s Five Out of Five tour in New York City.

Esteemed hip-hop journalist Sacha Jenkins hosted a private Q & A panel to start the evening off. During their conversation, Prodigy and Havoc discussed one of their most classic records to date, “Shook Ones II.”

“For year and years and years I forgot where the fuck I sampled [the record] from,” said Havoc on the producing the record.

It was later revealed that an old Herbie Hancock song was the original source for the sample.

Prodigy also spilled the beans on an old family secret about the infamous “Shook Ones II” video. He admitted that the custom-made Hennessy jerseys worn in the video contained a major typo.  Watch this exclusive clip to find out what spelling error still haunts the Mobb.