New Video: Kid Cudi ‘Mr. Rager’

Kid Cudi brought out his inner-actor in his latest video, “Mr. Rager,” directed by Jeremie Rozan of Surface to Air.

 The intro starts with a woman’s voice, leading the listener into a sort of ‘hypnosis’ as a gritty urban landscape appears, making the vid mildly reminiscent of ‘Inception.’

In the video Cudi battles a building filled with impossibly large (and extremely well dressed) gangsters. Mr Rager battles solo against the motley crew as a covert figure watches from above. The cinematography of the fight scene is terrific, on par of a feature film.

After Cudi flawlessly takes down about fifteen of his opponents, the gang eventually overtakes him. The covered figure  then descends, knife in hand and stabs Cudders. The ominous figure was Cudi himself. As ‘ superhero’ Cudi dies at the hands of his dual personality, the woman’s voice reappears awakening Cudi to a psychiatrist’s office. Watch to see what really happens… –Jodie Taylor