Next Gear: Nike Zoom LeBron 9 Sneakers

How can Nike possibly top their LeBron 8 sneaker? From the original LeBron 8 to the low-top version of the sneaker, Nike absolutely killed it last year and made it very difficult for them to create a kick that would stand up to the one that LeBron James wore on the court last year. But somehow, someway, it appears that they’ve done it with the LeBron 9

As far as the look of the LeBron 9 goes, it’s not all that much different from the LeBron 8. But there are some notable additions to LeBron’s ninth signature sneaker that are improvements from last year. The engineered textile wings that cover the ankles provide better support for your feet on the court. The lacing goes higher to keep your foot tucked in behind the sneaker’s massive tongue. And the pulltab on the back of the sneaker makes it easier to slip these on when you hit the gym.

The changes made to the LeBron 9 are minimal but important. And they make these next-generation sneakers worthy of the King James cosign.

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