Next Gear: Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, and Other Young Up-and-Coming Rappers From California

West Coast back! Okay, okay, so these guys aren’t exactly new new. They’ve been putting in work for a few years now. But it sounds like all four of them—plus a handful of other Left Coast rappers—might be making some serious noise in the new future. From Tyler, the Creator—who won the “Best New Artist” award at the MTV Video Awards recently—to Kendrick Lamar—who has everyone looking forward to his first official debut—to Dom Kennedy and Casey Veggies—who are thisclose from making it big in the mainstream—you can really feel the momentum that the West Coast has right now.

We don’t expect any of them to turn into the next 2Pac or Snoop Dogg, but we do expect them to continue pushing forward and to live up to all the hype they’ve generated around their individual projects. It would be great for them, great for the West Coast, and, most importantly, great for hip-hop as a whole. These guys are definitely ones to watch in the near future.

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